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Caring for Your Indoor Bonsai

by Pat Lowe Bonsai plants are extremely attractive specimens of age old practice. Bonsais are highly attractive, so many people proudly display them in their houses. However, extra care is needed for indoor bonsai trees. photo credit: Rex Roof This is mostly because they do not receive the full benefits of natural sunlight and natural weather conditions. They might appear to be hardy. However, there are certain bonsais that will become fragile...

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Successful Vegetable Gardening in Small Spaces

by Pat Lowe A vegetable garden doesn’t have to be huge and hold tons of plants. Not everyone has the space for a garden like that, but they can grow thriving plants in a small area as long as there’s access to sunlight. photo credit: thunderf10wer People develop gardens in various small areas – it could be a tiny bit of land outside a house, or pots in planters kept indoors or outdoors. How well you treat your plants and how...

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