Backyard Flower Garden

Small Space Flower Garden Ideas

Garden planning will help make any garden a success and easier to maintain. To create a small area flower garden that is easy to care for but makes a statement can be planned in one day and planted in a few hours if you use bedding plants. A few questions to ask yourself are: Where are you going to plant it? Do you have the garden equipment to do so? How big do you want your garden to be? When do flowers bloom and what are their heights? There...

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Choosing The Perfect Flowers For Summer

Summer flowers and bedding plants add instant color to your lawn and landscape. They also offer the opportunity to change the look and atmosphere of your yard by adding new flower varieties. Summer flowers start appearing in garden centers in the early spring and may or may not be available during the rest of the summer season. Availability depends or your climate and growing season. When first planting flowers or bedding plants as they are...

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Divide your Perennials to create free plants

Spring is the perfect time for dividing and re-potting perennials. I have two gardens I am removing and several new gardens I am adding. So I need more plants and different varieties. Since the weather is still unstable (It’s actually nicer than normal, but I am a zone 5 so it’s a cool climate) I am just digging up one of the perennial gardens, diving the plants and re-potting them. They will be re-potted and stored in a mini greenhouse...

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Create the Perfect Rose Garden.

I just recently bought seven rose bushes. Its really a bit too early to plant rose bushes but the bushes were health and I decided to use a pre-planting methods to hold the plants for another 2 weeks. This will give me time to prepare the rose bed and also to give the rose bushes more time for the weather to stabilize and not be such a jolt to the rose bush. The hold the bushes in a better environment I am making very large paper pots (so that...

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How to grow Red Poppies from seed.

Red corn poppies are one of the easiest annuals to grow from seed. And if you are a poppy fan the bright red flower is a must for your backyard flower garden. Theses brilliant red tissue paper flowers will bloom from spring until the first frost, if you remove the older blooms. Red poppies will easily re-seed themselves giving them the illusion of being a perennial. Just make sure at the end of the growing season you let a few blossoms develop a...

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Confessions of a Garden Addict

I must confess. I am a garden addict. And it does not help when I head downtown and the sun is out and the snow is melting. It started out very innocent with a visit to the bank where I saw a friend that has a nice perennial garden with an abundance of plants. So. I arranged a plant swap. Then the next store had rose bushes on sale and my mother has wanted a rose garden. So I picked up 6 healthy looking plants. I have a place in the yard that...

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