Backyard Flower Garden

Plant Hostas from seed

I enjoy the look of Hosta plants. They are easy to care for and work well in those shady areas that you’re not really sure what to with. And with Hostas you have a wide variety of color variations and sizes in the plants. They look wonderful alone or as accents for other perennials and annuals. The Hosta is a perennial that can be divided to create more plants or started from seed. Hosta seeds are actually very easy to start from seed and an...

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Floral arranging tips for the home gardener

At this time of year I am thinking about what flowers I will grow in a cutting garden, what flowers I already have in the gardens and what flowers I will need to order or find. One of my favorite gardens is the cutting garden. Cutting flowers are easy to grow, require less work than most flowers and seem to have less insect and pest problems. They also have the added benefit of being hardy flowers that last long and do well in floral...

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How to start a successful rose cutting

Roses are many gardeners’ favorite flowers. It has taken a bit for me to grow a good rose but with time and killing a few bushes I have a nice rose garden. One rose I have always wanted is a rose that grew at the farm where I grew up. It’s been there so long no one know what variety it is but it is an old fashioned heirloom rose. It’s so delicate and the fragrance is unbelievable! So I have taken a few cutting from the bush and plan to...

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Frugal Gardening. Save Money on fall plants

Late summer or early fall is a wonderful time for buying annual and perennial flowers. photo credit: SearchNetMedia I spent $10 today and came home with an entire car full of plants. I picked up 17 different varieties of annuals and several annuals can be over-wintered. I also have 6 varieties of perennials and 8 varieties of herbs. Annual flowers are almost out of season so garden centers offer discount prices. The flowers may be stunted...

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Gladiolus flowers add to any Backyard Flower Garden

Gladiolus flowers, which are grown from a corm bulb, have an elegance that will add to any backyard flower garden. They also make beautiful floral displays. photo credit: ThreadedThoughts The original gladioli hybrids were developed from Mediterranean species. But today the African native gladioli are the popular varieties grown. In the United States, the Gladiolus was an instant sensation on its first appearance that the American Gladiolus...

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Create you own Garden Trellis

Garden trellises happen to be one of my favorite garden tools. It seems funny to consider a trellis a garden tool when it adds beauty and charm to a garden or backyard area but trellises serve many valuable purposes. photo credit: Jellaluna By using a trellis you can add beauty and color to an otherwise unusable area. You can also grow plants vertically to save space, add privacy and prevent plant insects and disease. Another use for a garden...

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