container gardening

Three Easy Tips for Successful Container Gardening

Here are several useful tips for creating a hanging basket or container pot. I also use these techniques for my indoor container gardens and windowsill plants too. Soil is always the key to a healthy plant. For containers and hanging baskets use an artificial soil composed mostly of peat moss.  Good soils such as Fafard or Pro-Mix use perlite, peat, and other ingredients to produce a soil that will not compact over the summer.  I also use...

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Preserving The Color Of Peonies

When planting Peonies plant as soon as they are obtained, being careful to set the division so that the top of the buds will be from 1-1/2 to two inches below the final soil grade after the plants are watered and have finished settling. If planted too deep you will probably get pretty foliage with a few or no blooms, and if too shallow, the buds will be exposed and are likely to get broken off by Old Shep when he serves notice on a stray cat or...

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Garden problems: Where is summer?

Garden problems: Where is summer? photo credit: traveling.lunas I don’t know if you’re having a challenging summer like me but over all I have no summer. I live in a zone 5 climate and should be having 80-degree days and humid 60-degree night temperatures. Instead, I am lucky to have two days of sun in a row; the nights are cold dropping down in the low 50’s and there’s too much rain. Most gardens around here are either not growing or...

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How to Create a Tilting Clay Pot Garden

Gardening is creating with plants, whether they are flowers, vegetables or herbs. And making your gardening arrangements unique and artistic just adds to the fun and your backyard garden areas. photo credit: bestfor A Tilting Clay Pot Garden saves space so is perfect for apartment dwellers, balconies and small patios. It also makes a great garden accent or focal point. And its fun to create! You will need a pot stand that should stand 5 to 6...

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Easter Lily Care

Easter lilies have a grace and beauty that is their own. They also signify spring and are an extremely popular Easter flower. Their pretty blooms and amazing fragrance fills any home or garden with beauty. photo credit: Koshyk Forcing the lily to bloom in early spring for the Easter holiday makes the lily plant seem rather fragile. Forcing a plant takes a toll and the response is fast flowers and blooms but also the fast decline in the plant....

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Create a Terrarium for Carnivorous Plants

Growing different or unique plants adds a certain challenge to your plant and garden areas. It’s also a learning experience as you learn about new plants, their care and often the history that surrounds the plant.  Children also learn from a plant terrarium as they care for a watch a living “plant” grow. photo credit: Just chaos A very interesting terrarium is one set up with carnivorous plants. Most carnivorous plants are native to the...

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