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NW Pa’s First snowfall?

They are calling for our first light snow fall tomorrow and Friday. I don’t have all the outdoor garden chores done plus I am really not ready for winter weather so I hope they are wrong. Mid October seems too early for a snowfall although I know we usually have a few warning snowfalls before winter sets in. The leaves are still hanging on the trees and hopefully we will enjoy their beauty for a few more days after our taste of winter...

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Country Living – Fall in Warren County

This weekend and Columbus Day will probably be close to the leaf peak season in Warren County for fall foliage. I like the changing of the leaves when there are still a few green foliage trees that enhance the vibrant colors of the trees that have already changed. Fall has always seemed a magical time to me. Yes, summer is over and winter will soon set in. But we have the period of time when fall flowers are at their peak and the air feels...

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Fall Gardening – Watching Wildlife – Roger Tory Peterson Nature Center

When  fall is fading and winter is approaching in NW Pa., I begin to notice the shrubs, trees and lay of the land that is often covered by lush growth and activity in the spring and summer. And at this time of year, in early spring,  the land is still apparent. But only for another week or so. Living by a large creek and swamp and being only a few miles away from The Roger Tory Peterson Nature Center my thoughts wander back to the food supply...

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The Conewango Creek predicts Spring is Here

Our area is know for the Famous ground hog “Punxsutawney Phil”, from the state of Pennsylvania and Dunkirk Dave, resident of our northern bordering state, New York, going head to head predicting the arrival of spring. This holiday tradition happens on Ground Hogs day, February 2nd of each year. When you live in between the two big rivals, Ground Hogs Day takes on a new meaning. photo credit: PburghStever But here in NW PA., the...

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Creative Organic Gardening – Ways to Use your Chrismas Tree after the Holidays

We recently switched to an artificial tree. It’s not my first preference but family matters make it more practical. Many people buy trees for the holidays and in my opinion that’s fine but there are many ways to think green and make use of the trees afterwards. Recycling your tree is one way.  photo credit: Svadilfari Ways to use The Christmas Tree after the Holidays are over If you have a big yard put the tree out and add bird food to it...

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Creative Organic Gardening – Make a Natural Pine Wreath

The smell of fresh pine seems to bring back memories of past Christmases and holiday cheer but there is a lot of concern over growing pines for seasonal use. Unfortunately artificial trees are also easier to use, particularly in town. But Fresh pine seems to add to a holiday and by making a natural pine wreath you can enjoy the season and go green by saving a tree. photo credit: G & A Sattler How to make a natural Pine Wreath I decided to...

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