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Local Farmers Market Provide Fresh Produce and Gardening advice

Farmers Markets add a flair of country living, offer fresh vegetables and fruits and are a place to exchange gardening tips.  At this time of year local markets are opening up and provide a great place to shop.  My local farmers market opens this weekend and one of the highlights is the spotlight demonstrations offered by the master gardening program. The Penn State Extension Master Gardeners have their schedule set up for spotlight...

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How to Decorate a Pumpkin With Vegetables

There are many create ways to decorate your Halloween pumpkin. Many are carved and painted. Some are carved out and used as bowls. And a pumpkin used as a floral centerpiece has a beauty that is difficult to beat. So why not create a real focal point and decorate your pumpkin with vegetables? After all Pumpkins are vegetables; why not embellish them with more of the same? You can create one of a kind Halloween faces by adding carrot noses and...

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Vinegar Uses In the Garden and Yard

Vinegar has many garden uses and yard uses that people are not aware of. And with vinegar being environmentally friendly and cost effective it’s a great alternative to other products. One use for Vinegar that many people do not know is that it will help fresh cut flowers last longer. So if you have fresh cut flowers in your home or have a cutting garden and use flowers or sell them this is a wonderful tip. Add 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 1...

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What is your favorite seed?

Do you have a favorite seed that you like to grow? Unfortunately I have too many favorites but I always like any tomato seeds and hot pepper seeds. The ornamental pepper plants are beautiful and make great indoor plants. I prefer heirloom seeds to hybrid seeds. I like the older variety of vegetables and flowers and feel heirloom seeds are better for the environment. But I do understand why some people prefer hybrid seeds. I like the Malabar...

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Three Garden Trends for 2010

Each year there are trends in gardening. Sometimes the changes are small other times watch out, it’s a totally new look for the garden and yard. The trend this year is more towards the environment. Here are three  garden trends for 2010 1.  Main Street is in. Wall Street is out. There’s a shift of priorities between balancing practicality with comfort and fulfillment. You will see more interaction in neighborhoods with a shift back to...

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Homemade Seaweed Spray and other plant sprays

Listed below are several homemade sprays that I have used for years. I believe that my grandfather also used these and left the recipes in one of his gardening journals Seaweed Spray Seaweed spray is rich in nutrients and minerals. It provides protection from many fungal diseases and can be used to prevent damping-off. How to make Seaweed spray: Use 2/3 cup of kelp or seaweed concentrate to 1 gallon of water, spray. You can get kelp or seaweed...

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