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Create a New Year’s Resolution Theme Garden

It’s the beginning of a new year and a perfect time for garden planning. I just read about a theme garden called the “New Years Resolution” Garden. Most people have read that gardening benefits the mind, body and soul. So the purpose of the Resolution Garden is to inspire positive changes in nearly every area of one’s life. A New Year’s Resolution Garden will bring your family closer together while helping you relax,...

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Garden Planning for January using Small Space Gardening and Recession Gardening

As 2009 ends and 2010 begins, I look more to garden planning for the next year. In my Zone 5 climate gardening is usually in the planning only stage in December and January.  But this year will be different. For 2010 recession gardening and perennial gardening will become a more important part of my garden plans. Community gardening has always been an interest to me and recently Recession Gardens their benefits for our health, environment and...

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Garden tools: Types of Potting Tables and Benches

Potting tables also called potting benches have many uses. I know that my potting bench is an invaluable asset to my garden and backyard work area. My potting bench is one of the most useful garden tools I have – I would be lost without it. There are two main concerns to consider when adding a potting table to your garden area, location and if it’s sturdy enough for how you intend to use it. Ideal potting tables will also have enough...

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Garden tools: The Priceless Potting Table

Gardening is simplified when you have a workspace. A practical garden tool is the addition of as a potting bench or potting table for the pots, manures, garden sprays and other garden mixes. It also serves as temporary storage for garden supplies.  My gardening bench is my work area and even a place to relax and enjoy my plants. This is also the area where I plan the garden activities and garden and backyard design. Your garden potting table...

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The Gardeners Rake: Garden Plans for 2010

Each year is a new experience in gardening and garden planning is one area that helps shape and define you garden and backyard. In 2010 The Gardener’s Rake will emphasis more Do It Yourself ideas for gardening and backyards. Garden businesses and money saving gardening ideas are also top considerations for this site. How to start a perennial gardening business has been covered before but a more detailed plan and blogging results will follow....

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Effective Gardens Maintenance Can Save Time

Many gardeners get very upset by the large amount of time spent on gardens maintenance, but they should rather work more cleverly than harder. Each season brings its own tasks and this should be done timely. Raking leaves in Autumn is a very good example of this, as gardeners spend days trying to get rid of all the fallen leaves. Your best option is to let the tree drop all of its leaves before you start clearing them up. Rather enjoy the...

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