Recession Gardening: Storing Garden Produce

With the Obamas’ Kitchen Garden in Washington D.C and Recession Gardens being grown in all 50 states of America and overseas, the decision of how to store any produce is an important decision. photo credit: Tavallai There are several methods of preserving food, which include drying, freezing and canning. Home canning will be covered in this article. Home canning used to be a yearly event in most homes. But with changes in our society...

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How to Start a Perennial Garden Business

Perennials are wonderful plants as they give you a garden that can produce color most of the year, depending where you live. By careful selection and laying our your garden properly you can add color, enjoyment and value to your property. photo credit: cliff1066 I consider myself blessed to have a nice piece of property with rolling hills and streams and creeks. I wanted to do something “green” for the community I live in plus share...

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Container Gardens, Raised Beds and Square Foot Gardening benefits

I use Container Gardens, Raised Beds and Square foot gardening techniques in my gardens. I have found by using these styles of gardening I can increase my crops in small areas and my crops produce better and my plants are healthier. It also takes less time. Below is an eCourse I offered on Square Foot Gardening. I have put all the urls into one post for fast and easy...

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