The Rose and its meaning.

The rose is a favorite of many gardeners and has a rich history, both in plant culture and garden lore. Varieties include rose bushes, vines, and indoor miniature rose plants. The rose is perhaps the most commonly known romantic flower. Its ability to be used as a cut flower and last for a week or more also adds to it being used in floral shops and cutting garden businesses. But did you know roses are also edible? According to Linda Stradley,...

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Iris bulbs and how to divide them

A variety of Iris had been planted on the farm I grew up on. They were tucked in the back of the house in a small garden. Each year they grew and spread. But as with any perennial plant or bulb they needed to be divided to produce the best flowers. Being an heirloom variety of Iris I have not been able to find this plant in the varieties they sell today. Other than needing divided the iris the seemed to require little care. As long as they...

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The Fall Chrysanthemum Flower Garden

Fall gardens add color when many other flowers are fading. And one of my favorite fall flowers are Chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemums are available in all shades of colors and blend and match so well with the fall foliage. At this time of year there are many plants available and with proper care they can be planted and will return the flowing year. They can also be overwintered or you can take cutting and create more plants. They are really a very...

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How to Grow Canterbury Bell Flowers

I have been dividing and starting perennials from seed this week. Its a great time to work on collecting new flowers for the following year. By starting perennials from seed in the fall you will have plants that are ready to bloom next year. The plants will be small with only a years growth but they will have flowers – if you start them in the fall. And if you start them early enough (4 to 6 weeks) before frost they will have started to...

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Plants to Grow and Plant in the Fall

This is my favorite time for finding great deals on plants. With fall setting in and many gardeners’ harvesting crops and preparing for colder weather plants go on sale. Geraniums were on sale yesterday so I bought ten. They need some tender loving care but they will blossom in the house until January and at that time I will take 5 of the plants and start new plants for the spring. (I should be able to get 20 starts from each plant.) And I...

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Growing Hollyhocks

With fall around the corner for many of us, its time to think about buying plants, dividing plants or starting plants indoors. One of my favorite old-fashioned flowers is the hollyhock. And this week I will be transplanting perennial hollyhocks and starting hollyhocks indoors. Hollyhocks are a member of the mallow family and grow in nearly all of the United States. The hollyhock was originally a transplant from Asia. Hollyhocks are normally tall...

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