Tips for picking fresh flowers

At this time of year when flowers are at their peak, creating flower arrangements and bouquets add fun to the home and gardening. Here are a few tips for picking flowers. 1.  Pick you flowers in the morning. If you pick the flowers during the afternoon the more delicate flower may start to wilt just from heat and plant shock. 2.  I often bring a wet towel or even water to place the flower into immediately. If you use a flower basket to place...

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How to care for the Easter Lily

Easter flowers are one of the first signs of spring for many of us. And as the flowers fade you may want to consider saving the plants and replanting them. Many of the favorite Easter flowers are either bulbs or a perennial that may survive in you growing zone or in the home. Check the growing tag or consult a garden center for the growing zone needed for your Easter plant. This you tube shows one the favorite Easter flowers, the Easter lily. I...

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Plant a Flower Garden for Less Than Ten Dollars

Flower transplants have gone up in price in the last few years and with the economy struggling you may want to cut back on flower garden prices. There are several ways to cut costs but still have a beautiful flower garden. I have always had the thought that if you save money in one area in the garden, you can spend it in another ;). So saving money may actually get me more flowers in the long run! Cost cutting tips for the flower garden Easy to...

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Floral arranging tips for the home gardener

At this time of year I am thinking about what flowers I will grow in a cutting garden, what flowers I already have in the gardens and what flowers I will need to order or find. One of my favorite gardens is the cutting garden. Cutting flowers are easy to grow, require less work than most flowers and seem to have less insect and pest problems. They also have the added benefit of being hardy flowers that last long and do well in floral...

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Fall is the time to plant flower bulbs

Bulbs are a wonderful addition to any yard or garden. Once planted, bulbs take little care and are a surprise when they pop up and take on life and color. For those who live in the colder northern areas the first Crocus that pops through the snow is a welcome sign of spring. Fall is a perfect time to buy or order bulbs and many are on sale. By surfing the web or picking up a few gardening magazines you can get an idea of what bulbs will do well...

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Forage for Free Plants

Spring weather has finally arrived in NW PA. I have a few vegetables and flowers started in the greenhouse and cold frames but its not really planting season. And this is the time of year I set aside to evaluate the land and choose my large landscape design projects for the summer. And this year my design projects are going to be a challenge. photo credit: king nikochan But while wandering the land I found a few water plants I could move to...

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