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New uses for old garden tools

When the gardens are dying down and winter is approaching for many of us we find ourselves doing those odd garden chores like sorting through garden tools. I tend to collect old garden tools. You never know when you might need a new handle for you favorite tool or a tool might break. But, many of us have too many tools. If you find yourself in this position you may get inspiration from these useful purposes for old tools: Garden Art! A...

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Gardening and Garden Art

Most people consider gardening to be the traditional vegetable garden but there are all forms of gardens and gardening. And as you garden more you begin to enjoy a wider variety of gardens and often move into different garden styles and incorporate more garden art into the yard, gardens, patio and home and garden areas. This you tube uses garden art made of found pieces. Garden art can be found or created. It adds personality and interest to...

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Time to sort clean and create with your garden tools

Its garden tool time! Time to sort through tools, make sure they are clean and decide what to do with extra tools. You only need a few tools but garden tools seem to build up and before long you have too many. At least that happens to me. So, this weekend I spent time sorting tools, making sure they were clean and hanging them up. And yes, I had extra tools. Confession time – it was more than a few. I just can’t turn down tools at sales,...

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Fun with Terra cotta planters.

With the gardening season just starting it’s the perfect time to create garden pots with flair. This you tube has ideas for decorating terra cotta pots. Decorating garden pots can change the look of your garden, patio or backyard instantly. You can color coordinate the home to the garden, match your colors in a flower garden or create a gift for a friend. It’s also a perfect way to keep children busy on a rainy day or a day where they need...

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Garden Decor – Decorate your Old Wood Fence

An old fence in a backyard is helpful for privacy but the wall can be rather bare and boring. Its possible to take that old fence and easily turn it into a conversation piece. The birdhouse idea is one I would use but I would add a few vining plants with the houses to add interest and flowing lines. The following you tube show how easy and fast a wall can be decorated. Birdhouse can be picked up at sales for a dollar or so. They can also be...

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Fall Decorating for your home and garden areas

There is still time to add a little color to your backyard for fall. And many of these decorations will last into the winter months with a little care and planning. Now in my zone 5 growing zone I have to bring plants into the entry and just leave dried arranged arrangements outdoors. With Thanksgiving approaching the addition of dried corn stalks, Indian corn, and pumpkins with give your yard, patio or porch area a festive look. The corn stalks...

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