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Garden Art adds to your Backyard Garden and Landscape Design

Garden art and backyard design pieces add atmosphere, fun and creativity to a garden. Even a vegetable garden will have more flair with garden art and a little humor added. This is one reason why scarecrows a re popular in gardens. They may ward off birds but they also add creativity to a garden. photo credit: A Girl Next Door Garden art can include everything from a decorative plant pot to a water fountain. Here are a few suggestions to think...

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Create a Hypertufa Garden Container

Garden Art is one of the “in” trends for this summers garden and yard. And with the interest in gardening, particularly container gardening, on the increase you may want to consider making you own hypertufa planters. It’s a fun project and also makes a great family project. photo credit: jdn I made my first hypertufa pot in a local art society. We were encouraged to bring items to press into our pots such as rocks beads, marbles or any...

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Add a Stone Walkway to your Yard

There are many styles of walkways and paths but one of the most popular is a stone walkway. They are beautiful, blend in with most yards and will last a lifetime. A stone walkway is relatively easy and should not take more than a day to do. To me the part of this project that is the most fun is collection the rocks. Where to start Prepare the area by digging out a trench where you want to install your stone walkway. If possible add a small curve...

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Add a dry creek to your yard. Fill in a pond or create drainage

Dry creek beds add interest, focal points in a yard and can serve a valuable purpose. There are two main reasons for a dry creek bed. One is filling in an unwanted pond and the second is to catch run off. Some people just add a dry creek for fun but I have one and it’s for run off. To fill in an unwanted pond Sometimes a pond becomes a burden or just becomes too much to maintain so the owner may want to fill it in. Here are the steps to do...

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Create a Moss Covered Garden Art Chair using Moss Milkshake

Interesting pieces of garden art add to a garden and yard. It’s easy to find chairs that need a little work at sales or along roadsides. These chairs make perfect additions to any garden and great accents for flowers .   They are also very cheap or free. By adding flowers and moss you will have a one of a kind garden decoration that will get many compliments.   Lets get started: Find a chair that has a nice solid seat. ...

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Creating with Gourds: The possibilities are endless.

As my gourd crops continue to grow my mind goes to what I can create from my gourd crops, once they dry. I am hoping for the bushel gourds to grow large enough for gourd end tables and for the canteen and dipper gourds to work for gourd instruments. That is what attracts me to growing gourds; you just never know what will happen and how the gourds will dry. Below is a gourd video with some wonderful ideas and designs. I Woodburn paint or dye my...

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