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Create your own Holiday Centerpiece

Flowers add to the holiday holidays and parties that we have. Here are directions for an easy to make centerpiece. The arrangement is in red, white and pine giving it the Christmas look. What I like about the centerpiece is the use of hardy flowers that last. Carnations and cushion mums stand up in arrangements so that you will be able to enjoy the flowers for a week or more. You may also have family ornaments or other valued items that you can...

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Create a Festive Holiday Pumpkin Planter

Pumpkins seem to signify fall harvests and holidays. So celebrate the fall holidays with a floral pumpkin planter. It’s very easy to carve and hollow a pumpkin that will hold a potted plant. Pumpkin planters look great on porches, stairways, along fencing or especially as a centerpiece for a holiday party! Start by selecting a fresh pumpkin that is round in shape, dent free and not too tall. For a centerpiece I like to use a pie pumpkin....

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How to Decorate a Pumpkin With Vegetables

There are many create ways to decorate your Halloween pumpkin. Many are carved and painted. Some are carved out and used as bowls. And a pumpkin used as a floral centerpiece has a beauty that is difficult to beat. So why not create a real focal point and decorate your pumpkin with vegetables? After all Pumpkins are vegetables; why not embellish them with more of the same? You can create one of a kind Halloween faces by adding carrot noses and...

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Decorating with Pumpkins and Gourds

Fall is a great time to use found natural objects to decorate your home, patio and to give as a quick gift. With Halloween almost here the pumpkin or gourd will lend itself to quick decorating ideas. This you tube will show you how to make a fast table centerpiece or accent floral arrangement for you home or to give away as a holiday gift. (While you cleaning out the pumpkin you may want to save the seeds, rinse them then roast them to use as a...

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Collecting Fall leaves for crafting uses

Leaves will be turning in NW Pa in the next few weeks and across many of the other states. Fall is both a beautiful time and a great time to use those leaves for the garden, yard and crafting uses. Leaves can make a wonderful addition to many craft projects and artwork. Colorful fall leaves are a great addition to projects, but green leaves also have many crafting uses. One of the most popular ways that leaves are used is by drying them to use...

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Create a Birdhouse Planter for your Garden

It seems the active gardener never has as many planters as they could use, so finding containers and creating planters can be a fun and create project for you and often the entire family. It’s a project children will enjoy and learn from. One over looked and inexpensive found planter is an old birdhouse. They can be found along the curbs waiting to be tossed in the local dump or in sheds covered with dust. And birdhouses are often at garage...

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