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How to make a Luminary Gourd

Having a leftover supply of dried gourds from the last few years’ crops I was looking for a new craft idea. I also needed evening lights for the backyard so it was time to look for a crafting luminary project. The following your tube has a luminary gourd project. One tip I never knew was to use mineral oil to help make the gourd more water resistant. It is important to have a gourd waterproof and weather protected. I usually did it with a...

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Make An Easy Coffee Can Herb Garden

Metal coffee cans often can be found at garden sales, auctions and even your home. With just a little effort, you can turn that empty can into a useful and pretty handmade gift for your friends and family. Or use it yourself for an herbal container garden. The first step is to wash your can and peel off any labels. Be careful there are no rough edges on your can that could cut you. If there are use a hammer to make them lay flat or cover later...

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Create your own Moss Garden Art

When the gardens are planted and crops are starting to be harvested it time to turn your attention to the “fun” aspects of gardening. Garden art falls readily into this category. How about creating a moss landscape rock or garden statue? Moss will make certain garden elements look and feel aged and as if they have been part of the landscape for years. Moss also adds tranquility to any shade garden. The trouble with garden moss though, is...

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How to make a Decorative Cornhusk Wreath

An Indian corn wreath will add color to your porch or home. And in the fall it adds to the feel of fall harvest and thanksgiving. An Indian corn wreath is very easy to make and with proper care will last for years to come. When my brother raised pumpkins he also raised Indian corn for fall decorations. We had a corn husking party; bent the husks back and tied in bunches to dry. The barn was full of Indian corn hanging from the barn rafters to...

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Create a Hypertufa Garden Container

Garden Art is one of the “in” trends for this summers garden and yard. And with the interest in gardening, particularly container gardening, on the increase you may want to consider making you own hypertufa planters. It’s a fun project and also makes a great family project. photo credit: jdn I made my first hypertufa pot in a local art society. We were encouraged to bring items to press into our pots such as rocks beads, marbles or any...

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The Gardener’s Rake: Ice Cream in a Bag

We often refer to this area as NW PA’s Garden of Eden but with the snow piling up and wondering if we will loose power I find I have cabin fever. This is the time in life when I get in trouble. So to take the edge off it’s time for a little fun. I’d like to share a project I have done in the past with my niece and nephews. Its called Ice Cream in a Bag. Really, who could even turn down Ice Cream in the winter? Particularly if...

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