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Exotic Plants: History and Lore of the Yucca Plant

I just recently picked up several Yucca plants, one that is more than 25 years old, over four foot tall and beautiful. It’s a plant that I have wanted for a while but haven’t seen while I was plant shopping so it hadn’t made it to my gardens or yard. One my one plant foraging runs I was lucky enough to pick up the plants. The Yucca plant has a wild and exotic look; it is part of the lily family although by looking at it you would not...

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Heirloom Seeds: Vine Peach, a historical fruit for the garden

My garden always has several unique crops, usually heirloom seeds that were popular many years ago and that have a history. It adds fun to the garden to try these new crops plus sometimes you find a great crop that adds to your kitchen table or crafting projects. photo credit: Jonathan Shield Several years ago I heard of the “Vine Peach.” It’s a seed that is more difficult to find. Heirloom seed catalogs and specialty seed catalogs carry...

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Peony: a Popular Perennial with a History

Peonies have a rich history in China, Japan, Europe and North America. In North America they have been grown mostly as a decorative plant but in China, Japan and Europe they have also been used for medicinal purposes. They are also widely used in art and design work Plants come in rootstock, as potted plants and as trees. They have many colors but red, pink and white are still the popular colors. Tips for Peony care It can take up to three...

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Organic Gardening – How to Improve your Soil Easily

One of the best ways to improve your soil quality is to build raised beds. A raised bed can be anywhere from three inches high to 3-4 feet high. You can make edges for the beds to hold the soil in place or slant the soil and tamp in place. I myself prefer edging. The shallower beds make fast new gardens and are placed in areas where the soil is ok but just needs new nutrients for better crops. The three to four foot gardens are placed in areas...

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The Ten most popular Homegrown Vegetables

The 10 most popular homegrown vegetables in the USA and Canada are listed below in the order of their popularity. The tomato tops the list as the most popular vegetable but it is technically a fruit! Both heirloom tomatoes and new varities of tomatoes are popular along with the cherry tomatoes, which are primarily used in salads. Tomatoes (once considered evil and poisonous by many people) Peppers (hot peppers con be used to aid in colds and...

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How to Plant a Tree – Add beauty to your yard

So you have chosen a tree for your yard and taken into consideration the size it will grow to and made sure it will survive and thrive in your climate. If you have not dug a hole for your tree is will be your first task. I dig my holes for trees in stages so my back does not tire as fast. It also gives me a chance to see if the soil in this area drains well. I will often pour a bucket of water in the hole to see if it holds water…not a...

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