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Beauty surrounds us: Secret Gardens are everywhere

Many people ask me why I garden and why the outdoors calls to me. The answer is realt very simple. There is a beauty that appears with each sunrise and sunset. Even in the rain, which we have had too much of lately, there is a peace and the promise of drier weather and hope for better days. The simple work of digging in the soil and watching a new plant grow reminds me that there is more to life than schedules and a fast paced life. This video...

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Monet’s Gardens: Gardening and Art go Hand in Hand

Monet painted landscapes and garden scenes that are still some of the most appreciated art sold and collected. Many do not realize the time he spent studying light and color and then setting up his garden to get the look he wanted. The pieces he created were a study on gardening. He studied flowers, textures, lighting and colors. He would research different plants to get the results he wanted. He also worked on how to capture nature and beauty...

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Celebrate Earth Day 2008 – Natural Beauty

Earth day will be April 22nd. As the world increases in population it’s important to take care of our planet and its natural wonders. Think about celebrating Earth Day. Plant a plant or tree or even pick up the roadside. Our actions today affect tomorrow’s world. Here’s a video that celebrates natures beauty set to Celtic music. Join the Gardeners Rake for an Earth Day celebration starting Monday April 21st, 2008. The celebration...

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Beautiful Flowers of The World – Flowering gardens

Spring is just arriving in my Zone 5. I am waiting for the tulips and other bulb flowers to blossom. Until them I enjoy my indoor plants and work in the greenhouse. I found this video today and the cheery music and beautiful flowers remined me of the gardens to come and I wanted to share. Enjoy the video! Happy gardening all!...

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Gardening as Art – Meet Diana Mead – Artist and Gardener

I read this story online and wanted to share it. To me gardening and art go hand in hand. It’s a visual and emotional expression plus you have the benefits of fresh garden produce Monet painted his water gardens for years and experimented with plants and lighting to create beautiful painting and a stunning garden. Diana Mead has also done the same. Below is an article by Alison Young. It was printed in the South Wales Echo newspaper. This is...

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Garden Therapy – Garden Art – Zen Gardens

One of the most popular Zen Gardens is the Zen rock garden of the Ryoanji Temple in Kyoto, Japan. It is a United Nations World Heritage site and if you have not experienced the garden there is no way to explain the feeling you get of peace and serenity. How could a simple garden with no plants, flowers, trees or even weeds create such feelings? The garden is in a rectangular shape measuring about 98 foot by 32 foot and is surrounded by earthen...

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