New Ornamental Gourd Variety

There are often new gourd varieties that show up. They may be from a foreign country or a odd spring from other gourds. Being a gourd-a-holic, I am always interested in new gourds. This year my neighbor gave me “Angel Wings” It’s an ornamental gourd that can be purchased in small, medium and large sizes. The large is about 12 inches long. What makes them unique are the wings that grow from the sides. Being the colorful...

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Planning uses for your Gourd Crop

As gardens wind down for this year the gardeners who grew gourds are looking at their crops and planning what to do with their harvest. The small ornamental gourds can be used for fall holiday decorating or dried and used for crafting. And the larger gourds will take anywhere from four months to a year to cure or dry. There are so many uses for the dried gourd. One of the most popular uses is the bottleneck birdhouse. Birds love gourds for homes...

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Gourd tips

Gourds are amazing plants to grow in the garden. But in my zone 5 climate I need to start my seeds early for the larger gourds that take 100 to 125 day to mature. There are many mis-conceptions about the gourd and what they are. Yes, some are edible and some are not. As a matter of fact many are quite toxic, particularly when cutting and sanding for gourd crafting. In my 15 plus years of growing gourds I have grown more than 35 varieties. I have...

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Growing the Perfect Gourd Crop

I find gourds to be an amazing and interesting crop to grow. Gourds can vary from the small decorative gourds most popular for fall decorations and to the dishrag gourds used for cleaning. And who can forget the larger gourds that are used for canteens or even tables or toy boxes.   photo credit: timlewisnm I have grown almost every variety of gourd there is and in my zone 5 climate this can be a challenge.  Many of the larger gourds can take...

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The Amazing Gourd and its many uses.

Gourds are one of my favorite crops to grow. I grow them for the surprise, color and for crafting. They also have an amazing history that spans many countries and civilizations. The smaller ornamental gourds I have already harvested. They have been cleaned, rinsed with a thinned down bleach to help with any diseases that cause the gourd to spoil and dried. I varnished a few for table decoration and Halloween. The rest will dry later in the...

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Creating with Gourds: The possibilities are endless.

As my gourd crops continue to grow my mind goes to what I can create from my gourd crops, once they dry. I am hoping for the bushel gourds to grow large enough for gourd end tables and for the canteen and dipper gourds to work for gourd instruments. That is what attracts me to growing gourds; you just never know what will happen and how the gourds will dry. Below is a gourd video with some wonderful ideas and designs. I Woodburn paint or dye my...

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