Growing Gourds: Gourd Crafting and Gourd Tips

This year’s gourd crop has been a challenge. We started out in my zone 5 growing zone with a dry warm April and went into a wet cold May. June seems to be improving but so far my gardens have been challenged with the weather. I have been saved with cold frames, hot beds and other gardening techniques I have picked up over the years. As in the past I started all my gourds using the Styrofoam cup method. You can read about it here:...

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Gourd history and trivia through the ages.

In many cultures, gourds have been used to create utensils, containers, musical instruments and religious objects. Masks have also been created from gourds and have been traced back through the centuries from records and drawings that were kept. Masks have been used in special ceremonies by primitive cultures worldwide. The gourd masks were usually part of an elaborate costume used to invoke or impersonate the spirits.  Thus the mask became a...

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Creative Gardening – Edible gourds and gourd trivia

Most gourds are not edible and the interior gourd dust can actually be quite toxic. I work with dried gourds so I know this to be true and make sure I work in a ventilated area and take precaution with the seeds and fibrous insides. But, there are a few edible gourds and they are considered to be a culinary delight. Listed below are three of the larger edible gourds. I have not included the Luffa gourd and its relatives Cucuzzi or Italian Edible...

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Gourd Creations – Garden Art and Crafting

I garden to be close to nature, grow chemical free food and to craft and create from my garden. Gourds are one crop that offer endless opportunities to make useful items and total art pieces, each unique to its own history and characteristics. I just stumbled upon a gourd artist, Amy Goldman, who uses a very unique bronze casting technique on gourds. I was looking for information on a gourd variety called Bule gourd and found her work These...

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Unique Gourds – History and How to Grow Gourds

As it nears gardening time I turn to seed catalogs to order any new or unique seeds, preferably heirloom seeds. This Winter I have found one new gourd seed variety I have not grown yet. So it looks like I will be expanding my gourd patch. I will also be ordering several gourd seeds. Caveman’s Club (Lagenaria siceraria) The Caveman’s club also called the Maranka gourd is not new to me but I need new seeds. I really like this gourd. It has a...

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Growing Gourds – Tennessee Spinning Gourd

Why I have a fascination with gourds is beyond me. It could be they are always a surprise or that they make colorful bright vines that I make interesting garden focal points out of. Or maybe it’s that just when I think I have seen all the gourds available there is one more I must track down and grow. This is the case with the Tennessee Spinning Gourd or Dancing Gourd. I heard rumors of this gourd but could not find anyone who had grown it. I...

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