green gardening

Going green in the garden with compost

Going green is a direction in gardening many are trying. As people think of going green one topic is, “what do we use as a fertilizer?” How about Compost? There are many store bought fertilizers that can be found garden centers and many are quite good. But most contain chemicals of some sort and these chemicals may have adverse affects on the soil, insects or water supply. So if you use a store bought fertilizer, purchase with care...

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Should you use Natural Insecticides?

Going green, or helping the environment out by using few chemicals in gardening is a growing trend. One way to help nature is to cut back on yard and garden chemicals by using natural insecticides. People are either for or against the use of natural insecticides.  These decisions are often decided by circumstances.  How advanced is the insect infestation?  What are you allergic to?  What will harm your plants?  What will be safe to use...

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Recession Gardening: Make use of Green Gardening Ideas

With the move to recession gardening to save money and the surge in gardening across the United States and other countries its time to take into consideration what you can grow in your backyard. You can also buy locally grown organic fruit and vegetables in which you know there have been less or no chemical used on the produce. photo credit: quinn.anya Another area that is often overlooked is looking in you own backyard for what’s green and...

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