Build a simple Mini-hothouse

I always start certain seeds early. It helps me to produce more plants and crops in my cooler zone 5 climate. photo credit: ricoeurian If you don’t have room for a greenhouse or just want to start a few plants you can make a mini-hothouse by using a plastic tub. It’s reasonably priced and easy to move around. I would use a plastic tub about two-foot by three foot. Clean the tub thoroughly with soap and water. You want to make sure the...

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Preparing your Greenhouse for spring planting

As spring approaches I know it’s time to sort my seeds from last year, order any new seeds and get the greenhouse open and ready to use. photo credit: wikked one Once the greenhouse ready for use I let it set for a week to warm up. I use solar heating so the water needs to warm and that takes about a week to take the chill out of any corners. It takes about two days to clean and organize the greenhouse. I use the following checklist Wipe...

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Greenhouses – Choosing plants for your greenhouses

Greenhouses are an excellent way to prolong your growing season if you live in a cooler area like I do, or to control your climate for your plants in warmer climates. It also gives you the option to grow more exotic plants or plants that require attention. When making plans for your greenhouse you need to decide what the main goal for you plants are. Are you starting plants or growing tropical plants? Are there certain climate controls you will...

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Indoor Gardening – Make you own indoor greenhouse

Starting seeds indoors requires certain items if you want your plants to grow healthy and strong. A few people are lucky to have the perfect windowsill, but my house lacks that. Most seedlings need a little more direct lighting or less drafts and an indoor greenhouse or seeding table is a great advantage to healthy plants. Healthy plants grow faster and produce better later in the year. Most of the items you will need can be picked up cheaply or...

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Greenhouses come in all sizes and prices

A greenhouse is a wonderful tool for the gardener. It’s a place to start plants early and extend the plants life later in the season. I use mine to start seedlings and cuttings. Yes, they can be started in your house but you spend more time setting up the right lighting. With a greenhouse you use Mother Natures lighting and may want to add additional lighting one in a while. Another great use for the greenhouse is just to rest, have fun...

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