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Create an Herb Wheel planter

An herb wheel planter is a unique way to grow an herb garden. It is also practical and aesthetically pleasing. Many herb gardens were grown in such a layout in years past. A wheel planter is essentially a type of a jardinière or container in which one grows plants. Herbs don’t need much space to grow well, which is an advantage for a small yard or garden area. And a wheel planter will use limited small growing spaces to their best...

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Herb Facts and How to Grow Herbs

Herbs grow as annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees.  Yes, many people are not aware that some herbs are trees. Willow and Witch hazel are two examples. And what is a definition of an herb? Simply, it’s a plant with another use. Herbs are commonly used for flavoring, medicinally or for crafting. One thing that makes growing herbs easier than most plants is that very few diseases or insects attack herbs.  Sometimes in dry, hot weather red...

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How to grow an indoor Herb Garden

It’s the time of year, mid august when I start thinking of growing herbs indoors and starting perennial herbs for next year. I enjoy fresh herbs all year long and herbs add to a home and give it that oasis feeling, which I need in the winter when snow is piling up. The following you tube shows how to grow an indoor herb garden. A terrarium herb garden is also an option. It takes very little space and adds a focal point to any room. I also...

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Tips for a successful herb garden

Herb gardens are one of the easier gardens to take care of and often recommended for the first time gardener who wants to learn how to garden. What makes herb gardening easy is that most herbs almost take care of themselves.  But as with all gardening there are a few tips that will lead to a better garden. Planting Herbs If you plant late in the day, the hot sun will not stress your newly transplanted young plants. It may not seem like a big...

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Using and caring for Herbs

Fall weather is setting into NW PA and my gardens are winding down. At this time of year I check on my herb crops and get them ready do the winter season. Many plants are annuals and will be removed from the garden. But I like fresh herbs so I will either transplant the plant into a pot and bring indoors or start a new herb plant from seed. I grow my tender perennials  in a window. Rosemary is a tender herb in my region. And my perennial herbs...

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Herbs and Summer Solstice in the garden

The longest day of summer, summer solstice, has also been referred to as “midsummer’s day.” This is the period in the summer where daylight is the longest during the year and the duration of night, the shortest. photo credit: gmoorenator The sun-worshiping ancients built Stonehenge to accurately identify this time. The celebration at Stonehenge has been documented in history and held great significance to the...

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