Build your own Hydroponic system cheaply.

This you Tube shows how to build a hydroponic growing system. Hydroponic growing gives you wholesome fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers year round. They grow very healthy, have less health issues and take less space. The only considerations is the cost of setting it up, the chemicals needed to nourish the plants and proper lighting. This You Tube will give you a few ideas on how to set one up. One thing I noticed was that you can find a fish...

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Teaberries or Partridge berry plant information

Teaberries have always been a favorite plant of mine. Here is a description of the plant. This description of the partidge berry also know as teaberry is directly from the Federal United States Forest Sevice website http://www.fs.fed.us/wildflowers/plant-of-the-week/mitchella_repens.shtml Partridge Berry (Mitchella repens L.) aLso know as Teaberry Partridge Berry is a member of the Madder Family (Rubiaceae). The genus name Mitchella was given...

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Teaberry plants bring back childhood memories

I remember teaberry gum as a child. We were not given many sweets or gum as children but once in a while my parents gave us teaberry gum. I always liked the flavor and aroma of the gum. I was amazed one day while playing in the neighboring field to find a pretty plant with evergreen leaves and a small fragrant berry. I picked a small section of the plant and took it to my mother to see if she knew what it was. It was teaberry and she told me the...

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Joe-Pye-Weed, Stately Herb and Perennial.

The weather is rather dreary in NW PA. today. But that has its advantages, the gardens needed a day away from bright sun and I needed a day away from watering. Mother nature always does a better job! For some reason I have unusual plants on my mind today. There’s something about those plants that stand out from the crowd. One year when I was foraging for flowers that would work for dried flowers I stumbled across Joe-Pye-Weed. On my...

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Growing Yarrow: Herb, dried flower and useful weed.

Yarrow is one of my favorite plants. It is considered a weed by many but has many herbal, crafting and flower uses. I plant yarrow in my wildflower and perennial beds. Yarrow is a perennial hardy up to zone 3. Once established it will return year after year with little care needed. It has soft, frilly green foliage and groups of delicate white flowers make it similar to baby’s breath. I dry yarrow and use it in artwork and in dried...

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Bugleweed: Flowering Perennial and Groundcover

At a greenhouse auction I attended last night I picked up a largeĀ  flat of mixed perennials. Four of the containers had Bugleweed plants. I have heard this perennial flower/groundcover can be invasive so I wanted to find out more information on it. The plants grow along the ground, forming a mat that can keep weeds from making headway. Some people even use is as more of a grass in hard to maintain areas as it will choke out all weeds. They have...

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