indoor gardening

Indoor Container gardening tips

Container gardening is becoming more important as a garden style every year. One reason is the ease in setting up a garden area. Another reason is this garden style will also work in apartments and small space garden areas. With winter approaching and gardening moving indoors here are three starter tips for creating your indoor container garden. 1.  Choosing the Proper Material for Your Garden Pots Garden pots are made from a variety of...

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How to grow poppies indoors

This is the time of year when I think of starting poppy seeds. Many people will prepare the ground outdoors in the late fall, sprinkle seeds and wait for spring and watch for growth in their poppy patch. I tend to forget to get my poppies started in the fall and have to wait and hope for a break in weather to plant poppies. Note: If You allow poppies to go to seed and don’t disturb the soil in that area your poppies should reseed...

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Winter Recession Garden

Today is day one of my Winter Recession Garden. I have left over seeds from summer, which are still viable so I will not be buying any seeds at this time. Fresh seeds also do not hit the stores until later February or March in my zone 5 climate. Tip: Order your seeds from catalogs as soon as possible. I always enjoy ordering seeds when he snow is falling and is too cold to want to be outdoors Today I am organizing my seeds and cleaning my...

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Indoor Gardening

Indoor Gardening? There are many reasons to consider indoor gardening. I have been an avid outdoor gardener for many years but each year I find myself growing more plants indoors. For me a short growing climate, weather concerns and the fact I like to be surrounded by living plants has lead to this change. I also find indoor gardening easier in many ways. For those who in cities and have limited space the indoor garden is a perfect solution...

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