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Growing Primroses Indoors as Houseplants

Primroses, an outdoor perennial,  can be grown indoors as houseplants if you provide the right climate. These plants remind me of African Violets with their likes and growing conditions. I find that mixing the two plants in their own growing climate works well. The Primrose (primula) likes a growing climate with cool night temperatures of 50-60° F. It also likes filtered sun and moist soil. Daytime temperatures must not exceed 80 degrees. My...

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Four Reasons to Give Indoor Plants as gifts

There are many attractive plants that can be kept indoors through out the year. And with winter weather approaching the addition of indoor plants to the home will create a warm natural look. I know in the winter months I enjoy plants and flowering plants scattered throughout the house. Cut flowers are also a nice touch in the winter months and I do use them but flowering plants make a longer lasting floral display. And if you display them in a...

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When to Bring your Indoor Plants back Indoors

There’s been a small barely noticeable shift in the weather in my zone 5 climate. But its enough of a change to make me realize I need to start bringing any indoor plants back inside at night. I enjoy putting the plants outside during the summer. They grow better and look great mixed in with the annual flowers. Even a small shift in nighttime temperatures will affect an indoor plant and will make adjusting to the indoor climate more difficult...

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Houseplants for all lighting conditions

Many people grow houseplants in the winter months as a way to brighten the home and to keep the feel of gardening alive. In my home houseplants are difficult to grow and I have had many people ask questions so here is a you tube about houseplants and a few varieties that are very hardy. And the plant selections are plants that add color to a home and in the winter that is important. What I like about the selection of plants they talk about on...

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Going green with house plants

Spring will be here soon but until then many spend time with their indoor plants. Indoor plants help to clean the air in the home, which is even more important with more home being sealed up to prevent heat loss. This you tube talks about the different sizes and varieties of houseplants and their advantages for the home. This list of plants covers some of the varieties of indoor plants and their care and needs for lighting in the home Eureka...

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How to Purchase an Indoor Plant

Growing plants indoors brings the feel of the lush outdoors into your home. This is particular beneficial in the winter months when many feel “cabin Fever.” Plants that may require more care or a controlled environment will also do best in an indoor environment. Plants are also known for adding enjoyment, beauty and health benefits to your home. And yes, plants help to improve the air quality in your home. When carefully chosen and...

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