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Your favorite indoor plant?

I’m trying something different here at The Gardeners Rake. You see its snowing out and its way too cold (7 degrees) and I would rather be out playing in garden dirt. So, I’ll have to play with my indoor plants instead. So tell me what your favorite indoor plant is and ask a question if you have one. Or tell me about your favorite plant. Here’s a tip my neighbor gave me about African Violets. They grow best in a window with...

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Six Indoor Plants That Love The Dark

At this time of year my gardening turns to indoor plants. Flowers, vegetables and house plants get all my attention. Over the years, one of my favorite plants has become the Aspidistra, which is commonly known as the Cast Iron plant. This plant will beautify any dark room or corner. And in my home this is a plus for the rooms on the north side. Many gardening experts describe the Aspidistra as one of the toughest and most adaptable house plants....

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How to Divide a Potted Staghorn Plant

The Staghorn fern has always been a favorite plant of mine and once you get used to its care it’s easy to grow. My biggest mistake with my first one was over watering it. I called a friend of mine who owns a greenhouse and she helped me set up a good watering and care system for my zone 5 climate. I still have the plant to this day and have removed many new plants from the original. I have had many questions about the Staghorn fern. I have...

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Shamrock Plant Disease

Shamrock plants are beautiful delicate plants that are a favorite of many people. photo credit: audreyjm529 Overall, if given a rest period during the year and watered and fertilized properly the Shamrock will live for many years. If you notice your plant looks a little weak or seems to be suffering there are two plant diseases that affect the shamrock plant. Shamrock Plant Disease Fungal Rust can be diagnosed when you notice an obvious...

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How to Grow Cotton Indoors

It’s fun to grow different plants, particularly plants that people don’t expect to see growing in your yard or home. So when a friend offered me cotton seeds I couldn’t turn them down. I received 12 white cotton seeds and 12 pastel cotton seeds. Now living in my zone 5 climate these plants need to be planted indoors. photo credit: cliff1066 Once started the cotton plant is not that hard to care for. I started my seeds in four-inch...

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Create a Terrarium for Carnivorous Plants

Growing different or unique plants adds a certain challenge to your plant and garden areas. It’s also a learning experience as you learn about new plants, their care and often the history that surrounds the plant.  Children also learn from a plant terrarium as they care for a watch a living “plant” grow. photo credit: Just chaos A very interesting terrarium is one set up with carnivorous plants. Most carnivorous plants are native to the...

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