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How to Divide a Potted Staghorn Plant

By Denise

Recently I had a question on how to divide a Staghorn fern that was bought in a pot. Some people grow the Staghorn ferns this way and they are beautiful. The question was how to divide a plant that was bought this way and place it on a board.


Shamrock Plant Disease

By Denise

Overall, if given a rest period during the year and watered and fertilized properly the Shamrock will live for many years. If you notice your plant looks a little weak or seems to be suffering there are two plant diseases that affect the shamrock plant.


Create a Terrarium for Carnivorous Plants

By Denise

Growing different or unique plants adds a certain challenge to your plant and garden areas. It’s also a learning experience as you learn about new plants, their care and often the history that surrounds the plant.

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