organic gardening

Grow your own blackberries

I recently bought blackeberry plants for the back yard. I have a large wild blackberry patch on top of the hill but it’s 3/4’s of a mile from the house and for a quick handful of berries it’s nice to have a small patch in the back yard. By growing your own blackberries you will have fresh berries on hand for several weeks and  you will know exactly what chemicals on on your fruit. I use no chemicals on my plants. I believe in...

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Control your slug problem without using harmful chemicals

Our summer has been rather wet so slugs have been more of a problem. Slugs do help to decompose organic matter in the soil so I don’t mind a few but if they destroy plants or vegetables they have to move to another garden! You don’t need toxic chemicals to rid your garden of slugs. There are many natural methods that work! One of the easiest ways to keep slugs away from your plants is to have a tidy yard and garden. If they...

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Organic Pest Control: Homemade Pest Spray

By keeping my plants healthy, watered and weed free I can usually control pests. But once in a while I have a pest problem or my neighbors ask for a pest control that is more organic than the store bought chemical products. The recipe below is close to being organic and works well. I originally saw this in Organic Gardening and tried it. It works well. 4 cloves of garlic 1 small onion 1 small jalapeno pepper 1 tsp. of Murphy’s oil soap 1 tsp....

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Foraging Wild Fruits: Black Raspberries

When I was young we would go up on the neighbors back pasture and pick wild black raspberries. The fields had a barbwire fence that separated two pasture and rocks lined the fence lines. We would find out which side the cows were on and pick on the opposite side. We had many hours of fun plus the berries were great. The berries were used for shortcake or made into a jam. As a matter of fact my first jam I made was when I was 8 years old and it...

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Growing Strawberries: Fresh Homegrown Fruits

Recently I picked up everbearing strawberry plants. I hadn’t planned on growing strawberries but the price of berries keeps rising and I am concerned with the chemicals larger farms use in production. I also found them at a greenhouse auction and could not turn them down. I have heard berries can be rather difficult to grow but I also heard if you set up the planting bed properly they are easy to grow. So we will find out. There are many...

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Garden Vegetable Stands: Country Charm and History

As the garden season picks up you may notice fruit and vegetable stands opening. I grow as much of my own produce in the warmer months as possible but it’s impossible to grow it all, so fruit and vegetable stands become one of my favorite stops in the summer. In my Warren County area there are two local garden markets, numerous small roadside markets and often times neighbors will just set out their extra produce for sale or for free. On top...

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