perennial garden business

Perennial Gardening Business: Free Plants

At this time last year I decided to start a perennial gardening business. I wanted to make better use of my backyard plus I am plant addicted and feel you really can’t have enough plants. photo credit: cliff1066 During the summer I collected plants and in the fall I set up a starter garden for the perennials. Theses were for the plants I bought, found or traded for. I divided the perennials that you divide in the fall and covered the soil...

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Starting a Perennial Gardening Business Cheaply- Part Two

This summer I decided to make plans to open a perennial garden business next year. My plan was to do it in such a way that I did not have to take out a loan and have a large overhead in inventory. photo credit: laudu I was lucky enough to attend an auction at a greenhouse where I picked up around twenty different perennial varieties.  I also traded plants with friends, which lead to another 15 varieties. Scavenging at a few local abandoned...

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