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Create a Winter or Spring Lasagna Garden

Yes, you can set up a lasagna garden in the winter or spring and have it ready for planting. Truthfully it will break down better if started in the fall but you may not know you want a garden. I have even known a few people that create the layered garden that day and plant it immediately. When starting a lasagna garden late in the winter or spring you will use the same process as a fall garden. But I add a few “cheating methods” to help it...

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Hay Bale Square Garden Technique

Hay Bale Square Garden Technique In my garden adventures with hay bale ad straw bale gardening I have tried several different gardening techniques. While I like growing melons and gourds in the bales both are heavy feeder so I created a hay bale/ straw bale square garden technique to use with these crops. photo credit: JBColorado Use four bales, hay or straw. Each bale type has its strong points. Lay the bales out to form a square with an open...

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Free Plants: Starting shrubs from healthy clippings

A newspaper ad about a house that was being torn down has lead to a new project, starting shrubs from clippings. I went for interesting wood and any salvageable stone, banisters or windows. I must admit I found some interesting items. Wonderful bushes that were going to be destroyed also surrounded the house. I thought about digging them up but hauling them would be a lot of work so I asked if I could clip them before the house came down. My...

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Growing Strawberries: Fresh Homegrown Fruits

Recently I picked up everbearing strawberry plants. I hadn’t planned on growing strawberries but the price of berries keeps rising and I am concerned with the chemicals larger farms use in production. I also found them at a greenhouse auction and could not turn them down. I have heard berries can be rather difficult to grow but I also heard if you set up the planting bed properly they are easy to grow. So we will find out. There are many...

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Gardening Problems: Too Much Rain can Damage Crops

This summer our weather is wet and the nights are too cool. Summers like this wreck havoc on crops. Plants can get wet feet (too much water near the roots), which stunts the plants growth and production or even kills them. I am seeing a few signs of too much water, one which is pale colored leaves, so its time to start taking preventative measures Here are a few tips for helping with this problem. Corrections you can do now Put poles in the...

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Tips for stopping small animals from destroying your garden crops

Fencing can add peace of mind to the gardener if he lives in an area where small animals thrive and enjoy those moonlight meals of lettuce, cabbage and carrots. I have fenced my gardens but there are times fencing is not an option. Here are a few tips that will help keep animals out of the garden. If your wildlife problem is not too bad these suggestions should keep your crops safe. Onions help keep rabbits out of the garden Marigolds and...

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