recession garden

Twenty Dollar Recession Garden challenge

It’s a proven fact that gardening is more popular than ever this year and the world’s economy is playing a big part in this event. With many people loosing their jobs or afraid they might the popular hobby of gardening is returning full force. Many of you will be having gardens for the first time and there is much to learns and items will need to be purchased. photo credit: inspector_81 With this in mind I decided to try and start a garden...

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How to Grow a Recession Garden

During the Great Depression, people grew food for their families, even in small suburban lots. Many dubbed these vegetable-producing patches Depression gardens or Recession gardens. The term Victory Garden was popular in WWII. What ever the name, all these gardens have one thing in common, promoting growing food in your backyard to help with the budget and to supply healthier food for your family. Even if you think you have limited space you can...

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