small space garden

Successful Urban gardening in the front yard

Many people have decided to raise a garden is small space or an urban setting. The reasoning for this is better quality food, going green and helping our environment and saving money. Creating a garden in urban areas can tend to be a challenge due to lack of space. But with proper planning its amazing what you can grow in small spaces. You will find that many gardeners have become quite creative in making use on any available space. Those who...

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Small Space Patio Garden

Many yards or patios do not have room for a large garden area, but there is a relaxing feeling to plants and a garden so even a mini plant corner is a great addition to any backyard or home. This you tube video sets up a garden display or vignette for a patio area but it could be used on a balcony, in an apartment or in a backyard tucked in a corner or as a small accent garden. I could see this garden, which is mainly a container garden, having...

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Small Space Garden Design Trends

  In the recent year the look of the backyard and garden area has been changing. There is more of an emphasis on extending the home living space into the backyard and making better use of whatever outdoor space is available, even what would be considered a “postage stamp” garden area. Larger backyards are also being broken up into outdoor rooms by designing the backyard into areas that have their own use or activity. These open rooms...

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Vertical No Dig garden for the Small Space Garden

Is your gardening space limited? By growing your crops vertical you will save valuable garden space.  And using no-dig garden techniques and Square Foot Gardening methods, you can take those small areas in your backyard or by the driveway and create an enchanting small space garden. In one 4-foot square area you can grow enough food for two people. If you have more room you can add another 4-foot square. If you only have a one-foot deep area...

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Small Space Garden

A Small space garden can be created almost anywhere. As long as you can contain soil, you can make a garden. This includes those who live in an apartment or city. If you are extremely limited in you growing area this just means you have to get creative and plan your garden using alternative growing methods. If you have space for a garden but just want to use the land more efficiently or cut back on gardening time, Square Foot Gardening is a...

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