straw bale gardening

Preparing for another Straw Bale garden

I tend to have too many gardening styles. But a straw bale garden is usually in one of my garden plans. This year I have plans for two mini straw bale gardens. One will be for melons or gourds. I like to make a Square bale garden form and fill the center with compost. Melons or gourds will produce much better with abundant fertilizer so the straw bales are laid out in a square with the center hollow so that it can be filled with compost or...

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The Straw Bale terraced hillside garden.

It’s that time of year again, for garden planning. I have a tablet nearby and graph paper available for any garden thoughts and plans. One problem area in my yard and gardens is the fact I have very little flat land. Living in the foothills of the Appalachia Mountains flat land is scarce – particularly on my property. This year I have decided to terrace a lot of the yard. It will be easier, cut back on mowing and create interest in the...

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Straw Bale Gardening under Glass

A Straw bale garden under glass? photo credit: cotaro70s Our summer weather has been a disaster. Rain and cold is the definition of most days and I don’t have to tell you that doesn’t do any favor for the gardens. When I noticed this trend didn’t seem to want to change, I covered most of my gardens with plastic or glass. I wondered at the time if I was over-reacting but from the results of my gardens and the neighboring gardens I think I...

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