Learn Gardening Tips at Come Grow with Us Seminar

Spring has arrived and it’s time to gather gardening ideas for the new planting season. One of the easiest ways to do this is attend one of the many garden workshops offered. There will be a local one day seminar called “Come Grow with Us” in Warren PA. Come Grow with Us is a one day seminar held at the Allegheny Community Center on Clark Street in downtown Warren, PA. During the 7 hour event,12 speakers will share their tips...

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The Advantages of Fall Tilling for Gardens

Tilling a garden in the spring is a “must” for many gardeners. But fall is also a perfect time for tilling the garden area. If you choose to till in the fall the best time is right before the first frost. By tilling the garden in the fall you will work in any leftover and healthy garden matter. You can add compost, fertilizer, leaves, straw or peat moss. These materials will have all winter and early spring to add more nutrients to...

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Vinegar Uses In the Garden and Yard

Vinegar has many garden uses and yard uses that people are not aware of. And with vinegar being environmentally friendly and cost effective it’s a great alternative to other products. One use for Vinegar that many people do not know is that it will help fresh cut flowers last longer. So if you have fresh cut flowers in your home or have a cutting garden and use flowers or sell them this is a wonderful tip. Add 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 1...

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How to bring a new houseplant home safely

When you buy a plant at a store or greenhouse you really have no idea of how the plants was treated before you bought it. It may have been forced to have larger or earlier flowers, which will tire the plant. It may have been under-watered or placed in improper temperatures. So baby your plant when you bring it home. Your first step when bringing a plant home is to leave the store with it properly wrapped. When you leave the store there will be...

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Climate changes and gardening under glass

I have just heard a rough description for the rest of my winter in NW PA and what they feel the summer and fall will be like. For me, overall I need to prepare my gardens for cool weather. With a zone 5 growing zone and a short growing season, this is not the news I was hoping for. You can check your possible spring through fall season at the Farmer’s Almanac. And keep in mind, this is a rough guide that may or may not be accurate. Surprise...

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Unique Gardening tips for the Potting Shed

Unique gardening tips for the potting shed. photo credit: Nadya Peek Here are a few ideas for gardening tips and tools that I have not seen before and they look like ideas I should use in my gardening. I also don’t have a potting shed but after seeing this shed I think it’s a must add to my backyard and garden area. I don’t think it will be quite as neat and tidy...

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