Straw Bale Gardening: Potatoes

My gardening season is just beginning but for many of you the season has been underway. I am finalizing my recession garden plans and moving onto my square foot garden designs. photo credit: Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com The one thing I like about square foot gardening is that you can always add a garden later in the season if you find you have more plants to plant or want to add an additional mini garden. This season a have a small curved...

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Grow Annual and Perennial vines

As summer is approaching for many of use, we are planning our gardens and deciding what type of vegetables, flowers, shrubs and trees to add to our backyard. Today as I was planning I went through my vines and started several varieties that take a longer growing season so benefit from being grown indoors. photo credit: deb roby Vines are in many ways an overlooked plant in the yard and gardens. I must admit for many years I avoided them,...

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How to Grow Broom Corn

Broom corn is a unique and fun crop to grow in a garden. I grew it the first time to use in fall decorations but learned more about the crop during the time it grew in the garden and dried some of the corn to make small brooms with. These brooms are decorative and really work well. photo credit: hans s Broom corn is not truly a corn plant. It is a grass-like sorghum plant that grows in a large fan-shaped bloom and it is striking in a garden....

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The $25 Dollar Organic Victory Garden Challenge

I am a big organic gardener. Chemicals do no belong on my property. I also use square foot gardening techniques and believe that everyone should grow a Victory Garden or participate in a Community Garden. This is even more important now with our economy and other nations also struggling with soaring costs. photo credit: amatern I saw this blog article and it is a wonderful challenge. I plan to watch its progress and hope that other will follow...

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Seed Starting – Milk Jug Hot House Gardening Tip

At this time of year many people are starting seeds for the new gardening season. And there has always been a decision on whether to start your own seedling for the garden or to buy transplants. photo credit: Maria Keays There are three answers to that question. One is the experience you have in starting seeds. Do you have the right soil, lighting and know where to look for information on how to grow strong healthy plants.  The second is cost...

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Do you Grow Flowers, Herbs, or Vegetables?

A Backyard Garden adds color, variety, and fresh vegetables or fruits to your diet. It also provides fresh air, exercise and can offer time together with family. What ever your needs, the garden will add to the beauty and relaxing factors of your backyard oasis. photo credit: jpopesku1 There are many different types of gardens and it helps to narrow down the purpose that your garden will serve. A garden can tend to grow and get to big, which...

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