Homemade Aluminum Window Hothouse

They say the tomato is America’s favorite vegetable (some call it a fruit). And I have to admit the tomato is a favorite of mine, particularly the heirloom varieties. But in my zone 5 climate I need to start my tomatoes indoors and early so that the plant will be ready to produce as early as possible. I have learned tricks to accomplish this over many years. I start my tomatoes indoor early then transplant them into homemade hot houses. By...

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Grow Garlic at Home

Allium sativum, (more commonly known as Garlic) is a member of the onion family and can be grown very easily at home in your open garden, in a cold green house, in a pot or even a window box. Garlic will grow all year round in mild climates although in colder climates, like in the UK, planting Garlic is best around autumn so the plants will grow slowly throughout the winter frost and start to flower around spring. Garlic is a Perennial with long...

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Epsom Salt for Tomato Blight Control

Our area was hit very hard with tomato blight. Almost everyone lost their entire tomato crop. I believe the reason for this was our cold rainy summer and nights that were chilly. It just put to much stress on the plants. And the heavy rain created sickly plants that were the perfect target for any disease. Even a garden that was well maintained and weeded fell prey to blight. The only people who seemed to do well were those who grew their...

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How to Grow Indian corn and its uses

In most areas it’s too late to plant Indian corn but you may want to add this crop to your garden areas next year. Indian corn has been a favorite crop of mine to plant because of its used and its beauty. Indian corn, also called “Flint” corn, comes in many different colors. It is used primarily for ornamental purposes. But a few varieties are edible and some people buy Indian corn to grind up as flour. Popcorn is also another...

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Tomatillo and Tomato problems

I have had several people asking about tomato and tomatillo crop problems. photo credit: sleepyneko Most problems seem to be relating back to the weather. Many places have had irregular weather, either too hot and dry or cold nights. Without seeing a photo I can only guess but here are a few of the more common tomatillo growing problems. 1. If few flowers are forming on your tomatillo plants or the flowers drop before setting fruit, possible...

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How to Grow Peas

Peas are one of my favorite vegetables. I like them fresh out of the garden. And since I do not use chemicals of any sort in my garden I can sample the crop right in the garden! photo credit: NatalieHG Peas used to have to be grown only in the early spring or later in the season as a fall crop. But with the new heat resistant varieties the season has been extended. I have also found planting the later crops near a tall plant that will shade...

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