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Plant your second crop of summer squash now

By Denise

I gardened for years before I realized why my summer squash always fizzled out in production by the end of August or beginning of September. They were tired! The hot July heat and heavy production that most summer squash produce tires the plants out and they either die, get diseases or drop drastically in production.


Grow Garlic at Home

By Denise

Allium sativum, (more commonly known as Garlic) is a member of the onion family and can be grown very easily at home in your open garden, in a cold green house, in a pot or even a window box. Garlic will grow all year round in mild climates although in colder climates, like in the UK, planting Garlic is best around autumn so the plants will grow slowly throughout the winter frost and start to flower around spring. Garlic is a Perennial with long green flat leaves and white flowers.

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