Victory Garden

The Obamas Vegetable Garden at the White House

The Obamas Vegetable Garden at the White House Michele Obama, along with help from twenty-three fifth graders from Bancroft Elementary School in Washington, started to dig up the new 1,100-square-foot Victory garden plot in the White House Lawn on Friday March 20. The gardens location is near the Obama girls’ swing set and will be visible to people passing by the White House if using E Street.   photo credit: Super Is Sunny There has not...

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How to Grow a Recession Garden

During the Great Depression, people grew food for their families, even in small suburban lots. Many dubbed these vegetable-producing patches Depression gardens or Recession gardens. The term Victory Garden was popular in WWII. What ever the name, all these gardens have one thing in common, promoting growing food in your backyard to help with the budget and to supply healthier food for your family. Even if you think you have limited space you can...

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Obama:Victory Garden at the White House?

Many years ago when the economy was suffering and people were looking for jobs, a program called Victory Garden was set into action. Its purpose was to help supply wholesome healthy food for the family and community. One of its other purposes was to ease the governments financial burden of helping to supply food for the American population and use the money saved for the servicemen and war what we were in. photo credit: greengardenvienna As...

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