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Create a Hypertufa Garden Container

Garden Art is one of the “in” trends for this summers garden and yard. And with the interest in gardening, particularly container gardening, on the increase you may want to consider making you own hypertufa planters. It’s a fun project and also makes a great family project. photo credit: jdn I made my first hypertufa pot in a local art society. We were encouraged to bring items to press into our pots such as rocks beads, marbles or any...

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The Successful Indoor Garden

Spring is slowly arriving here in NW Pennsylvania. The snow is melted and today was actually in the 50’s but it was overcast and a bit dreary. I spent some time cleaning the yard of broken branches. I also looked the perennial storing bed over and decided I would split the perennial ground cover plants in a week or two. With the cold and rain I decided today would be an indoor day.  My goals for today were clean my indoor plants and get them...

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Container Gardening – Silly Flowers

Gardening should always be fun. Any gardening is work but if you plan your gardens well and use gardening shortcuts, you will have more time to enjoy your flowers and gardens. This you tube shows how to plant containers and hanging baskets in a fun cheerful way. It reminds me that gardens and backyard are meant to be enjoyed. Sometimes when the weeds are fighting to overtake the gardens or all the vegetables are ready the same day we foget...

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Capturing the Beauty of Fall

Fall has a way of reaching out with its bright colors and speaking to your soul. I find this time of year inspiring and so fleeting. I try to capture the colors with my camera and incorporate this into my artwork. That way I take a part of this wonderful time with me throughout the year. This U Tube video catches fall with the scenery and the music. Tommorrow in between pressing cider and working in the gardens I hope to hit the trails in...

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Build your own Hydroponic system cheaply.

This you Tube shows how to build a hydroponic growing system. Hydroponic growing gives you wholesome fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers year round. They grow very healthy, have less health issues and take less space. The only considerations is the cost of setting it up, the chemicals needed to nourish the plants and proper lighting. This You Tube will give you a few ideas on how to set one up. One thing I noticed was that you can find a fish...

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Hydroponic Gardening. What are Hydroponic Gardening advantages?

With the cost of groceries going up and my concern over chemicals on food I am seriously thinking of trying hydroponic gardening. MY neighbor also grew hydroponic tomatoes and they tasted like fresh summer tomatoes from the garden. My first thought of this style of gardening was that all those chemicals had to be bad for the vegetables, but these chemicals are chemicals found in the soil. By using hydroponic gardening you supply your plants with...

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