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Home canning basics – Pressure canning – Part 2

Pressure canning will give you the possibilities to can food that is not high in acid. I use pressure canners for beans, soups, meats and other mixed foods. Pressure canning takes a little more practice and care. It is very important to make sure the pressure-canning gauge is working properly. In my area you can take your pressure canner to the nearest Extension Office and they will gladly test the gauge and reset it for you. The other important...

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Home canning basics – Part 4 – Water bath method

This video describes in detail how to use the water bath canning method. This was the first canning process I used when I made raspberry jam when I was an eight year old with the help of my mother of course. And to this day raspberry jam is still my favorite. I use the water bath mainly for tomatoes, pickles and jams or jelly and it’s very easy. We have an old family pickle recipe that we always make and are a “must have” for holidays. I...

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Home canning basics – Part 3 – Easy steps to Home Canning

This You Tube video covers both steps to processing food using the two types of canners. I have canned for many years but this video covers good ideas for experienced canners and new canners alike. It also brings back many memories of gardening and working in the kitchen with family. With the higher prices of food and some of the unsafe chemicals used on foods or in factories canning is a good idea. Tags: home canning, types of canners, canning...

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Home canning basics – Part 2 – Types of canners

Home canning basics part 2 types of canners This You Tube video will give you’re an idea of what is involved in canning and what equipment you will need to get started. There are two types of canners and this is covered in the video. You will also learn the terminology that you will see in recipe books or hear on TV, This is a great video for the beginner or someone thinking about canning for the first time. I grew up in a family that canned...

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Home canning basics – Part one

Canning food gives you the opportunity to keep your garden produce for later use, to save money and to know the food you put on your table is as chemical free as it can be. Canning is easy once you have done it several times but you must always use care to make sure your end product is properly canned. Improper canning can lead to food that spoils or contains bacteria. The following series of you tube videos will show you different types of...

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Creating with Gourds: The possibilities are endless.

As my gourd crops continue to grow my mind goes to what I can create from my gourd crops, once they dry. I am hoping for the bushel gourds to grow large enough for gourd end tables and for the canteen and dipper gourds to work for gourd instruments. That is what attracts me to growing gourds; you just never know what will happen and how the gourds will dry. Below is a gourd video with some wonderful ideas and designs. I Woodburn paint or dye my...

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