Stop Kudzu Before It Takes Over

Kudzu has taken over many parts of the U.S. particularly the warmer southern areas. It quickly covers trees, buildings, fences and telephone poles. It spreads at a rate of 120,000 acres a year, killing tree, shrubs and other plants that lay in its wake. And for those not familiar with the plant and its spreading abilities, it can cover small creeks and ravines, creating a deadly trap for animals and people. “Kudzu is an annoying vine that...

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Iris bulbs and how to divide them

A variety of Iris had been planted on the farm I grew up on. They were tucked in the back of the house in a small garden. Each year they grew and spread. But as with any perennial plant or bulb they needed to be divided to produce the best flowers. Being an heirloom variety of Iris I have not been able to find this plant in the varieties they sell today. Other than needing divided the iris the seemed to require little care. As long as they...

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Clean Your Pond And Control Algae Naturally

Guest writer: Roland Stockwell If you want to clean pond algae and develop algae control naturally you need to investigate the various options that you have. Not all products will clean pond algae or other green organic material with the same gentle and natural manner. Some offer harsh chemicals which kill the algae but also harm the ecosystem of the pond. In order to develop algae control naturally and create a clean pond you want a product...

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Build An Outdoor Pond In Just One Day

Guest writer: Micheal Weskey Before you start your own backyard pond, it’s best to get used to building one first. Don’t worry if it sounds difficult – this outline will have you building and finishing a pond in just one day. Yup, you read that right. All it takes is one day. Starting Small You’re probably thinking, “What is a starter pond?” Put simply, it’s a trial pond project that allows you to get...

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Recycling tip for container gardening

I enjoy recycling materials in gardening when I can. The money I save on gardening supplies can be put toward new plants and seeds. This week in my garden recycling projects I picked up garden pots, some of which will need repaired. With all the perennial plants I start I need all the containers I can find. As I was looking for directions of how to repair a plastic pot I came across this use for old Pepsi and coke crates. These crates being made...

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Potting Soil Tips for Container Gardening

Proper potting soil for the indoor gardens is one step that is often overlooked. But remember, you are providing a home for a plant and the soil need to be rich in nutrients and healthy. Many people use recycled soil, which is ok if you follow a few rules. Sterilize the soil to make sure it has no germs or bugs. Do this by placing it in the oven on low heat, 250 degrees, for an hour. Replenish nutrients that were used up in the soil. A mix of...

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Selecting plants for the indoor container garden

What makes an indoor container garden successful? Enjoyment for the family, healthy plants and ease of care are my top concerns. By now if you have started to set up an indoor growing area you have picked out planters and selected an area in the home with proper lighting. Your next steps should be, selecting plants. Know your plants that you are planning to grow. Is your indoor garden herbs, edibles, flowers or a mix? If you select a picky high...

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