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Creative Raised Garden Beds – Part Two

Raised garden beds do not have to be a huge construction project or expensive. I have used cement blocks, bricks, stone, old doorways, and old boxes.  When using any old found materials check for stains and paints that could be harmful to the soil. Cement blocks warm up quickly so you can plant some of your crops earlier. You can also plant small plants in the holes in the blocks. I have planted herbs or flowers in the holes with much success....

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Raised Bed Gardening – Part One

There are many advantages to raised bed gardening. It’s easier on your back. Raised beds can be a little as six inches high  to as high as  three to four feet. Beds this high usually are in banks or on tables. It’s easier to control larger garden pests such as rabbits, ground hogs and other wild animals that cause crop damage and plant disease. You can cover an area in record time to protect crops from cold winds, frosts or from...

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