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How to grow Red Poppies from seed.

Red corn poppies are one of the easiest annuals to grow from seed. And if you are a poppy fan the bright red flower is a must for your backyard flower garden. Theses brilliant red tissue paper flowers will bloom from spring until the first frost, if you remove the older blooms. Red poppies will easily re-seed themselves giving them the illusion of being a perennial. Just make sure at the end of the growing season you let a few blossoms develop a...

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Frugal Gardening. Save Money on fall plants

Late summer or early fall is a wonderful time for buying annual and perennial flowers. photo credit: SearchNetMedia I spent $10 today and came home with an entire car full of plants. I picked up 17 different varieties of annuals and several annuals can be over-wintered. I also have 6 varieties of perennials and 8 varieties of herbs. Annual flowers are almost out of season so garden centers offer discount prices. The flowers may be stunted...

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Do you Grow Flowers, Herbs, or Vegetables?

A Backyard Garden adds color, variety, and fresh vegetables or fruits to your diet. It also provides fresh air, exercise and can offer time together with family. What ever your needs, the garden will add to the beauty and relaxing factors of your backyard oasis. photo credit: jpopesku1 There are many different types of gardens and it helps to narrow down the purpose that your garden will serve. A garden can tend to grow and get to big, which...

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Deadheading Flowers – Why should I? Flower Garden Advice

Deadheading flowers or plants is very important to the health of plants and overall look of your gardens. Deadheading is practice of removing the old flower blossoms from a plant. This keeps your garden looking tidy and fresh plus plants bloom better if the old flower heads have been removed. photo credit: audreyjm529 When the blossom remains on the plant seeds begin to develop and the plant uses extra energy to develop those seeds thus taking...

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