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Divide your Perennials to create free plants

Spring is the perfect time for dividing and re-potting perennials. I have two gardens I am removing and several new gardens I am adding. So I need more plants and different varieties. Since the weather is still unstable (It’s actually nicer than normal, but I am a zone 5 so it’s a cool climate) I am just digging up one of the perennial gardens, diving the plants and re-potting them. They will be re-potted and stored in a mini greenhouse...

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How to grow Red Poppies from seed.

Red corn poppies are one of the easiest annuals to grow from seed. And if you are a poppy fan the bright red flower is a must for your backyard flower garden. Theses brilliant red tissue paper flowers will bloom from spring until the first frost, if you remove the older blooms. Red poppies will easily re-seed themselves giving them the illusion of being a perennial. Just make sure at the end of the growing season you let a few blossoms develop a...

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Gladiolus flowers add to any Backyard Flower Garden

Gladiolus flowers, which are grown from a corm bulb, have an elegance that will add to any backyard flower garden. They also make beautiful floral displays. photo credit: ThreadedThoughts The original gladioli hybrids were developed from Mediterranean species. But today the African native gladioli are the popular varieties grown. In the United States, the Gladiolus was an instant sensation on its first appearance that the American Gladiolus...

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Create you own Garden Trellis

Garden trellises happen to be one of my favorite garden tools. It seems funny to consider a trellis a garden tool when it adds beauty and charm to a garden or backyard area but trellises serve many valuable purposes. photo credit: Jellaluna By using a trellis you can add beauty and color to an otherwise unusable area. You can also grow plants vertically to save space, add privacy and prevent plant insects and disease. Another use for a garden...

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Tips for a Easy and beautiful Flower Gardens

With a few simple techniques your flower garden will be healthy and beautiful. And with all gardens keeping your garden as simple as possible so that you will enjoy its beauty is the most important step to take. photo credit: kabils Steps for a successful flower garden Your flower garden area must have an adequate fertile soil, sunlight, and water. If you lack any of these three important elements, your garden will not thrive. So when planning...

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