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Important Tips on Using Herbs from Your Home Herb Garden

It is not easy to grow your own herb plants in your home garden because this requires  a lot of effort for the herbs to grow and flourish. But if you really take time to care for the herbs, they will give you a lot of advantages because they have so many uses. If you are planning to use the herbs, you should harvest them first but before doing so, you should consider the time you will harvest a certain herb. The weather at a certain place...

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How to plant a shrub

When selecting a new shrub for your yard you should consider several things. Growing conditions, height, width and insect problems are only few concerns. For more selection tips check out Planting shrubs and trees: time saving tips After you have selected the right shrub for your yard you will want to pick a site in your yard or garden area that meets the shrub’s climate and space requirements. For example, planting a sun lover like...

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How to Slow Water Your Plants during a drought

This year I am suffering from way too much rain but I remember years when we had drought. Over the last few years I have set up many of my garden areas and landscaping to conserve on watering. photo credit: dlisbona When the garden season begins you never know what Mother Nature has planned so my motto is “be prepared!” Setting your garden up for drought conditions can be done by using mulch or planting in containers so that they...

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How Did your Garden Grow?

How did your garden season turn out? Here in NW Pa the rain and cold ended many crops early and quite a few people just turned the gardens under and will plan for a more successful garden next season. photo credit: kanegen I moved most of my gardens under glass or used raised beds so my crops lived. They didn’t have as large of crops as usual but there were fresh vegetables. And there are very few apples in the area this year. I have many...

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Herbal Tea Gardens for indoors or outdoors

Tea gardens add character, color and a plentiful supply of herbs for creating your own tea blends. I have also found tea gardens to be one of the easiest gardens to add your own flair or personality to. photo credit: net_efekt Another benefit of a tea garden is that it takes a very small amount of space. A 6-foot by 8-foot garden is actually quite big. If you have less space you can make it smaller. And if you only have indoor space available,...

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