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Children and Gardening: Playing in soil can be fun

Children enjoy planting and watching things grow. By giving them a little garden space or a planter to grow vegetables and flowers in you can teach them about nature and also spend time with them. photo credit: davidsilver If you have a larger garden by encouraging them to grow their own plants you will encourage a new gardener and be able to keep an eye on them. My nephew always had a corner of the garden. They grew a few plants and also had...

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Children and Gardening

Why would you want to interest your child in gardening? photo credit: elemenous Because children learn about plants, caring for plants and responsibility when they garden. They also have fun and it’s time you can share together as a family. They also get a feeling of achievement when their plants do well. You can interest your child in gardening by letting them grow their favorite plants and vegetable. You can also take them to the store...

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