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The Advantages of Fall Tilling for Gardens

Tilling a garden in the spring is a “must” for many gardeners. But fall is also a perfect time for tilling the garden area. If you choose to till in the fall the best time is right before the first frost. By tilling the garden in the fall you will work in any leftover and healthy garden matter. You can add compost, fertilizer, leaves, straw or peat moss. These materials will have all winter and early spring to add more nutrients to...

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Make Garden Compost in Two weeks

There are times when you need new compost as soon as possible. This may be in the spring or fall when you are replanting plants or laying out new gardens. In my case it’s redoing several gardens after flooding. photo credit: vinzcha I need to redo my perennial garden, which was totally washed out and I am planning a new garden in the front yard to help redirect water, just in case I have this problem again. Compost usually takes anywhere from...

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