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Going green in the garden with compost

Going green is a direction in gardening many are trying. As people think of going green one topic is, “what do we use as a fertilizer?” How about Compost? There are many store bought fertilizers that can be found garden centers and many are quite good. But most contain chemicals of some sort and these chemicals may have adverse affects on the soil, insects or water supply. So if you use a store bought fertilizer, purchase with care...

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How to Compost Leaves

Fall is the time to prepare your gardens for next year. By preparing you garden areas this year you can improve the soil and also take advantage of many of mother natures free mulching materials. My favorite mulch in the fall are leaves, and they are plentiful, even in a city. I have many trees but still call the local town and have several piles of leaves dropped off so that I can let them set and turn into leaf mold (A name for decomposed...

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