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The Colors of Fall

This time of the year in NW Pa is a photo every moment. From yellow to red, orange and then brown, the leaves create a scene, which stays with you through late fall and into winter. Add the wild flowers, fading fall flowers, pumpkins and gourds and fall is a relaxing time to enjoy nature and family. This you tube captures the beauty of the season. Enjoy the fall season. Here in NW Pa its at its peak and will soon disappear until next...

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Collecting Fall leaves for crafting uses

Leaves will be turning in NW Pa in the next few weeks and across many of the other states. Fall is both a beautiful time and a great time to use those leaves for the garden, yard and crafting uses. Leaves can make a wonderful addition to many craft projects and artwork. Colorful fall leaves are a great addition to projects, but green leaves also have many crafting uses. One of the most popular ways that leaves are used is by drying them to use...

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Falls Final Corn Roast.

Many fond summer memories revolve around picnics and corn roasts. Fall has arrived in NW PA and since there has been no frost there is still a corn harvest and the chance for one final corn roast before the leaves turn and the gardens finish up for the season. When it comes to serving corn at a picnic some people boil the corn indoors and bring it out while other will roast the corn in the husk in an open fire or on a grill. Roasted corn always...

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Amish Tradition and Harvesting Hickory

We have several Amish communities in our area and even with our cultural differences our paths cross. I have used the Amish for pressing my cider for years. And with our property containing a large selection of hickory the Amish make arrangements to harvest the smaller trees to use in their bentwood rockers. Today our side yard has one Amish buggy in the lower drive and one draft house tied to a tree near the barn. A group of Amish are starting...

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Fall Gardening chores interrupted.

It was a beautiful day in NW PA. The leaves are just past their peak, but still beautiful and almost haunting in their appearance. As I was doing outdoor chores and picking up the yard and gardens and preparing them for winter I was distracted by last years gourd collection. The gourds were dry early this summer and I cut and cleaned the interiors about a month ago. I have about 20 I have selected for bird feeders or for hanging plants. I still...

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