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Divide your Perennials to create free plants

Spring is the perfect time for dividing and re-potting perennials. I have two gardens I am removing and several new gardens I am adding. So I need more plants and different varieties. Since the weather is still unstable (It’s actually nicer than normal, but I am a zone 5 so it’s a cool climate) I am just digging up one of the perennial gardens, diving the plants and re-potting them. They will be re-potted and stored in a mini greenhouse...

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Save money on fall plants and shrubs: Part one

Fall is the time to look for plants, trees and shrubs. At this time of year you can save money on plants that nurseries and garden center so not want to over-winter. The plants have usually been picked over so make sure that the plant is healthy and have not suffered neglect. photo credit: Putneypics If the plant looks healthy and meets your yards requirements, take it home and plant  as soon as possible. With shrubs and trees I plant the...

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Perennial Gardening Business: Free Plants

At this time last year I decided to start a perennial gardening business. I wanted to make better use of my backyard plus I am plant addicted and feel you really can’t have enough plants. photo credit: cliff1066 During the summer I collected plants and in the fall I set up a starter garden for the perennials. Theses were for the plants I bought, found or traded for. I divided the perennials that you divide in the fall and covered the soil...

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