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Fall Lasagna Gardening

For a fast fall garden the lasagna garden may be the garden style that will fit your plan the easiest and produce a small and fast garden area. With a lasagna garden you can use an area of the yard that would normally be difficult to till or prepare the soil to grow great plants. This can be a grassed-over area of your yard, a rocky spot where nothing will grow or an area where the soil is too difficult to turn over. Lasagna gardening is also...

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Your gardening style

I was wondering what style of gardening you use? This year with my busy summer its all container gardening, straw bale gardening, or a raised bed mulch garden. I need a no fuss – no weeding garden this year. I also have heard my summer will be cool so I plan to grow under glass in a greenhouse this summer. With raised beds for my other garden areas I can also cover them if the nights are cool. But you may be asking, “What garden styles...

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