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The Fall Chrysanthemum Flower Garden

Fall gardens add color when many other flowers are fading. And one of my favorite fall flowers are Chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemums are available in all shades of colors and blend and match so well with the fall foliage. At this time of year there are many plants available and with proper care they can be planted and will return the flowing year. They can also be overwintered or you can take cutting and create more plants. They are really a very...

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Plants to Grow and Plant in the Fall

This is my favorite time for finding great deals on plants. With fall setting in and many gardeners’ harvesting crops and preparing for colder weather plants go on sale. Geraniums were on sale yesterday so I bought ten. They need some tender loving care but they will blossom in the house until January and at that time I will take 5 of the plants and start new plants for the spring. (I should be able to get 20 starts from each plant.) And I...

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Fall Decorating for your home and garden areas

There is still time to add a little color to your backyard for fall. And many of these decorations will last into the winter months with a little care and planning. Now in my zone 5 growing zone I have to bring plants into the entry and just leave dried arranged arrangements outdoors. With Thanksgiving approaching the addition of dried corn stalks, Indian corn, and pumpkins with give your yard, patio or porch area a festive look. The corn stalks...

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